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Our DYC Foundation recently finished its third fundraising year. How did we do, and what’s on the 2015 agenda?

What were our fundraising results for 2014?

Donations totaled just over $154,000. This was by far our most successful campaign, with an increase of more than 60% over funds raised in 2013.

Did more people support the Foundation in 2014?

Yes, many more! The Foundation had 174 donors… 99 more than in 2013 (that’s a 132% increase) and 114 more than in the first year (2012). Some people who donated in 2012 but did not in 2013, came back as donors last year. Significantly, we were happy to see 70 first-time donors. We thank each and every donor who stepped forward to support the Foundation’s mission.

Was there anything unique about the donors and the donations in 2014?

Jim and Patti Anderson’s commitment to clubhouse restoration and preservation certainly stands out with their matching funds program of up to $100,000 per year for five years. This was done to encourage others to donate by matching their gifts with 50% more. They hoped this would have an impact on contributors, and it did. But there were others who stepped forward in their own ways in 2014; for example, a new donor who made a significant pledge covering 10 years of donations; others who pledged to continue to donate a fixed amount for several years; and a family who made the largest donation in a single year thus far received (apart from the Andersons’ matching gift).

Does the 2014 fundraising total include the matching funds?

No. Per our agreement with the Andersons, the matching funds will be paid in the year following the campaign after the donation totals have been finalized. Jim and Patti were pleased to see the gains made in the 2014 campaign: so much so, they decided to donate the entire $100,000 in matching funds. This means that the total impact of our 2014 effort will be more than $250,000!

What does the Foundation plan to do with these funds?

We are developing more detailed plans and estimates to propose work to the DYC Board for two integrated phases connected to the Seal the Envelope initiative. First, we will complete some already-funded and approved limited Phase I work that remains on the east end exterior involving masonry, windows, glass block replacement and related items. Second, we will propose repairs and restoration in Phase II along the front (parking lot side) from the stopping point of the east end work to and including the wall to the left of the building's main entrance. This will address repair needs while significantly improving the appearance of the face of the clubhouse. Phase II is expected to encompass roof issues, the tower, stucco, windows, paint, masonry and decorative items, as well as installing an accessible entrance. We might think of this project as a much-needed “facelift” for the entry side of the clubhouse.

Will the Foundation have enough money for this work?

Anticipated available funds and cost projections indicate we may need an additional $50,000 to $100,000 for this plan. Our options are to 1) scale back the plan to fit the money available recognizing some inefficiencies will occur that may increase later costs, or 2) raise the additional funds needed. We can always do the former, but we prefer the latter. To help close the funding gap…


The DYC Foundation’s

2015 Seal the Envelope Fundraiser

Friday Evening June 12, 2015

Fountain Room

Appreciate Our Historic Clubhouse at this Special Event to

Complete the Funding for Phase II Clubhouse Restoration

Do you have questions? Would you like to help with the Fundraiser?

Email us at or leave a message at 313 757-5240.

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