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Honoring the Foundation’s Donors and Our June 12 Fundraiser

We can never thank our donors enough for their commitment to restoration of our historic clubhouse. In 2014, 174 individuals and families stepped forward with donations and pledges, representing a more than 130% increase over the prior year. Each and every one of our 2014 donors and Founding Contributors deserve recognition, so the complete list is posted in a bulletin board across from the DYC reception counter.

Collectively, our 2014 donations resulted in a 60% increase in funds raised compared to 2013. With the addition of $100,000 in matching funds that we will receive in 2015 (based on the 2014 donations) from the Andersons, we will have more than $250,000 to apply to the completion of Phase I and the proposed conduct of Phase II restoration in 2015. Our Foundation is engaged with final specification and bidding for this work on the south side of the clubhouse, as well as confirmation with the DYC Board.

This important work to deal with water intrusion issues and associated repairs will continue the plan that “seals the envelope” while making dramatic improvements to the face of the clubhouse. As stewards of our donors’ funds, the Foundation trustees have looked at varying project scopes that assure necessary funds will be available, while considering what addition work could be undertaken if more funding could be raised. With more funds, for example, an accessible entrance could be constructed that would allow a more suitable entrance for people with physical limitations. Another example is that additional window replacements can be done while related work is ongoing. A more comprehensive project will be more efficient and ultimately cost less than a series of smaller overlapping efforts.

To help raise additional funds for a more expansive and efficient project this year, plan to join us for the 2015 DYC Foundation Gala on Friday evening, June 12, 2015. We are planning a great event with a tax-deductible portion of the ticket price. More details will follow in the coming weeks, but plan on a strolling dinner, entertainment, exciting live and silent auctions, and a wine and other raffles. Sponsorship information will be available in the near future. If you would like to help with this event or can offer an auction item, please let event chair Mary Ann Motyka know, or email us at or call 313 757-5240.


The DYC Foundation’s

2015 Gala Fundraiser

Friday Evening June 12, 2015

Fountain Room

A Special Event to Complete the

Funding for Phase II Clubhouse Restoration

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